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News & Events 2022

News & Events

Christmas Boutique Event 202209/12/2022
Christmas opening times 202202/12/2022
Christmas Gift Ideas at Porsche Centre Portsmouth 202227/11/2022
Winter Protection Package for your Cabriolet 202215/11/2022
The new Tequipment roof tent 202203/10/2022
Porsche GB Cup Golf Final in Northern Ireland 202203/10/2022
Carrera Cup 202201/9/2022
Are you considering selling your Porsche? 202201/9/2022
The new 911 GT3 RS. 202216/8/2022
Old Thorns Captains Day 202215/8/2022
Porsches and Horses 202215/8/2022
Lunch out at The Hut on the Isle of Wight 202224/7/2022
Porsche Centre Portsmouth celebrates 10 years 202215/7/2022
Porsche Golf Day 202223/6/2022
Porsche Navigation update 202223/6/2022
Spring into Summer Package 202210/5/2022
Drive and Dine Event 202210/5/2022
The new 911 Sport Classic. 202228/4/2022
Exclusive Test Drive Event at The Mansion 202201/4/2022
Discover the business benefits of owning a Porsche Taycan 202201/4/2022
Open the door to your Soul Garage. 202201/4/2022
It’s time to go electric with Porsche. 202225/3/2022
A special offer for our service customers 202201/3/2022
Start your trade-in request today 202201/3/2022
The New Macan T 202217/2/2022
Porsche Custom Built Timepieces 202203/2/2022
Porsche Centre Portsmouth are recruiting 202201/2/2022
The New Taycan Sport Turismo 202219/1/2022
911 Edition 50 Years Porsche Design 202219/1/2022
The new Cayenne Platinum Edition 202217/1/2022
We are recruiting for a new Business Manager 202204/1/2022
We are recruiting for a new Porsche Pro 202204/1/2022