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Boxster 25 years.

Boxster 25 years. Forever young.


Most anniversaries are predictable. Long speeches. And plenty of tributes. But it's not the same for the Boxster. It celebrates its anniversary as a real roadster should: on the open road. In the corners. In the early morning light. And, of course, with you at the wheel. The Boxster embodies 25 years of unbridled driving pleasure. And the feeling of being forever young.

The anniversary model ignites this idea in a very special way – with six cylinders, 294kW (400PS), a rich horizontally opposed sound and many references to its origins. And limited to 1,250 units.

Some visual cues? The all-electric fabric hood of the Boxster 25 years carrying the embossed signature ‘Boxster 25’. Air inlets in contrasting colour, emphasising the already powerful design of the large front and lateral air intakes. 20-inch two tone wheels painted in Neodyme and silver colour palette or the rim design which all take inspiration from the Boxster concept study.

The interior? Probably the most classic of all Porsche Roadster colour palettes: the combination of red interior with silver-coloured exterior paintwork. Along with a limitation plaque above the glove compartment with your individual limited edition number out of the 1,250 Boxster 25 years models built.

The integrated Sport Chrono Package enables an even sportier tuning of the chassis, engine and transmission, providing additional performance gains. In addition to the stopwatch and four selectable driving modes on the GT sports steering wheel, it includes dynamic transmission mounts, increasing both driving stability and driving comfort.

True beauty knows no age. The Boxster 25 years is arguably one of the best examples of this. Combining unmistakable lines and design language with references to the very first concept in 1993.

The Boxster 25 years. Forever young.

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