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Detail your Porsche at Porsche Centre Portsmouth


Make sure your Porsche is always looking its best. At Porsche Centre Portsmouth, we offer a detailing service to keep the paint looking and staying bright and reflective.

We can offer you two detailing packages to choose from:

Package one

  • Two bucket wash system
  • Clay bar
  • Stage 1 machine polish
  • Exterior tyres and plastics dressed
  • Whole interior cleaned, vacuumed and treated
  • Leather surfaces cleaned and re-nourished
  • Interior glass and mirrors polished
  • Convertible top steam cleaned and dried

Total price - £250 inc. VAT

Package two

  • Package one plus a five stage machine polish which includes the following stages: 
  1.  Clay bar
  2.  Medium cut compound
  3.  Fine cut compound
  4. Ultra-fine swirl remover
  5.  Full wax
  • Wheels removed, cleaned and waxed (ceramic coating optional extra £50 per wheel)
  • Engine bay carefully cleaned and protected
  • Convertible top steam cleaned, dried and weather protected

Total price - £500 inc. VAT

Please email info@porscheportsmouth.co.uk to book your detailing service.