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Keep your Porsche in perfect showroom condition


Has your Porsche been affected by the winter months? Has the bad weather and winter road conditions caused minor damage to your car? If so, now is the perfect time to get your Porsche ready for the summer ahead with the help of our body shop.

Porsche Dynamic Repair offers repair methods to keep your vehicle in perfect showroom condition. Whether you have a stone chip or a scratch in the paint our Porsche-trained Technicians always try to repair parts rather than just replace them. This saves on time, costs and resources.

Minor damage usually results from external factors like stone chips, hailstones or simply everyday use. It spoils the car’s looks and your driving pleasure, but it also affects the value of your vehicle. Porsche Dynamic Repair helps to ensure that this value remains as high as possible and that every original part remains on your Porsche.

The end condition is almost as good as new, both inside and out, so you can enjoy your vehicle for as long as possible. However, if you feel that a dynamic repair is not appropriate for your vehicle, we’d be happy to carry out the repair using Porsche Genuine Parts.

Please contact our Aftersales Department on 02392 809519 to discuss your requirements or to book an appointment.