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Drive the Porsche Macan

Drive the Porsche Macan


The Macan is a compact SUV that is instilled with the essence of Porsche. It is fast, elegant and versatile, all at once. Roomy, generous and luxurious as well. Rigorously tested and refined to create a vehicle that’s still as surprising and thrilling to drive as a Porsche can be. From design to driving dynamics and equipment, the Macan offers the best of all possible worlds.

The engine in the Macan is the perfect marriage of power and efficiency, a superb 2.0 litre, in-line, 4-cylinder petrol engine with exhaust gas turbocharging. Generating 252 hp at 5,000-6,800 rpm, the Macan uses the sports car engineering of Porsche to create a compact SUV that surprises you with its power. Yet its fuel efficiency is 38.2 - 39.2 mpg on a combined cycle*.

The Macan is supremely capable, with the strength and flexibility to negotiate any kind of weather and terrain. Featuring active all-wheel drive, and the Macan’s Porsche Traction Management, it balances the forces between rear axle and front axle, with constant monitoring of driving conditions. This means a precise and quick response as driving situations change, giving you improved safety, steering and handling.

To truly appreciate the Macan, you need to drive one, so book a demonstration drive today.


* subject to road conditions