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Porsche winter wheels and tyres


Your Porsche is engineered for everyday use, it shouldn’t be forced to take shelter in the garage through the winter months. Enjoy uninterrupted driving pleasure with winter wheels and tyres, offering improved performance, improved safety and enhanced driving pleasure in cold, wet and other adverse weather conditions.

Of course, your Porsche is designed to thrive in all conditions, however when the temperature dips below 7°C the rubber compound in all summer tyres hardens, causing a drop in performance and an increase in braking distance by up to 12%.* In order to combat these factors, we recommend the use of winter wheel and tyre sets, available from Porsche Tequipment.

All Porsche tyres are N-rated, to signify that they have been tested and approved specifically for your car. This means they meet our exacting standards for driving stability, comfort and fuel consumption. Discover our winter tyres video to witness Porsche N-rated winter tyres in action, and the benefits they can offer over summer equipment during the colder months.

While your summer wheels and tyres are off the road, we can store them for you during the autumn and winter period. The Porsche Tyre Hotel service continues to provide a convenient, safe and secure storage solution whilst your winter wheels and tyres are in use. The service is also available during the summer months when you wish to store your winter wheels and tyres.**

Porsche winter wheel and tyre sets are available from £1,571.00 including fitment and VAT.*** To view the wheel and tyre sets available for your Porsche and to discover more about the benefits of fitting them, please explore our brochure or alternatively, use the Tequipment accessories finder to view the full range.

*Summer tyres versus winter tyres. Braking with ABS on wet road surface, 50 to 0 mph at 3°C. **Participating Centres only.  ***Winter wheel and tyre sets are available for selected models; please check availability with your Porsche Centre. This is an illustrative price provided for guidance only. The price is not a recommended retail price. The illustrative price is based on the actual Tequipment component cost and an assumed labour rate and time estimate for installation/fitting. Porsche Centres are responsible for setting their own prices; the actual price finally quoted may vary. Please contact your local Porsche Centre for more information.