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Porsche Centre Portsmouth takes part in the Big Green Commute Week


Porsche Centre Portsmouth was delighted to partner with Lakeside Business Park for their annual Big Green Commute Week from Monday 12 to Friday 16 June.

During the week, Lakeside Business Park encourages its residents to travel to and from Lakeside North Harbour in a more sustainable way. This year, alternative transport included bicycles, a shuttle bus and a car pool. We displayed our Cayenne S E-Hybrid in the central square of Lakeside Business Park to promote a more economical way of driving.

As an incentive to get involved with the initiative, we provided the opportunity to ‘Own a Porsche for a Day’ as a prize to the person that achieved the greatest number of sustainable commuter miles.

Please call 02392 212350 for more information about the event or our Porsche E-Hybrid model range.